During the course of my lifetime I’ve had the opportunity to experience some awesome things – and some significantly sad moments as well. The 9-11 attacks were especially poignant because my father helped build the World Trade Center, dedicating 7 years of his life to make sure every inch of those building were powered by electricity. I’ll save the details for a future post.

Another event that seems to have fallen to the back of many memories is the murder of Denise Amber Lee – January 17, 2008. Many of the sad memories of that event come back this week as her murderer gets his first Florida Supreme Court Appeal on Friday, September 9, 2011. Nathan Lee will be in attendance at the hearing.

I cannot begin to understand the anguish and pain that the Goff and Lee families have endured during these last three years. But, as a father of three daughters, I certainly can empathize with them. So, as you go through the motions of your busy week, take a minute or two to remember this tragedy and its impact on our community – even as we remember the epic tragedy of 9-11-01.

Keep the Goff and Lee families in the same thoughts and prayers as those who lost loved ones on that faithful day 10 years ago.

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