Rex Tignor, Founder of Man UP Ministries, came to us with a dilemma that faces many small business owners and ministry leaders across the country – a website that was created “on the cheap” because that was all they knew how to do. During the nearly two-years that Rex had a website for Man UP Ministries, he got only 2 inquiries for his services. On June 2nd, a mere 10 days ago, we launched the new Man UP website. In those 10 days, Rex has already received 3 inquiries. It’s amazing how much the look of a website can play in determining whether a visitor stays or leaves – whether the sale is made or not! Here is a photo of the Man UP Ministries website before we worked our magic.

Man Up Ministries Website Before Makeover

For this web design project, we utilized the award winning WordPress platform. WordPress is quickly becoming the best platform for search engine optimization and ease-of-use for both site visitors and for back-end site management. Check out the new Man Up Ministries website now… manupministries.net


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