Small business owners all over are rushing to get on the social media bandwagon. In an attempt to jump start their social marketing campaigns, most are doing so without proper knowledge and training.

The biggest problem is most small business owners don’t know how to create/manage a Facebook page, or have to the time or inclination to learn. They know Facebook is huge and their customers want to connect with them through it. But, because they lack the knowledge to do it right, they are making equally huge mistakes.

The primary mistake comes in the form of creating a Facebook profile for their business rather than a Facebook business page. Aside from violating the Facebook terms of service, creating a profile for your business limits the number of connections you can make and also limits access to only those who you have “friended” using the profile.

If you are a small business owner reading this article, let me share some important details with you so you can get the most from your business Facebook presence.

Businesses are only allowed to open pages – not profiles. A business which opens a Facebook profile page is in direct violation of Facebook’s terms of service. Facebook profiles are desgned to represent a single individual. Using personal site features for professional promotion may result in your account being warned or disabled.

There are a several benefits to having a Facebook Business/Fan Page vs. a Facebook Personal Profile:

  • You’re not limited to the number of followers you can have per page.
  • You can email everyone in your fan base (Profiles limit you to sending 20 emails at a time).
  • Fan Pages automatically accept “Like” requests (Profiles require you to manually accept new friend requests).
  • There are a variety of 3rd party applications that you can add/customize on your Facebook Page.
  • Status updates appear in your fan’s homepages and photo/event/video content also appears in the hi-lights section (much like regular profiles).

From a branding standpoint, your business page can be renamed for marketing purposes once you reach 25 followers (Likes), and pages are accessible by everyone on Facebook, not just those who are friends.

If you have already created a business page using the personal profile setup, there is hope. In March 2011, Facebook rolled out a tool for converting those “terms of service” offending profiles into business pages.

Here are a few final thoughts on how your business can benefit from having a Facebook Business Page.

  • A Facebook Page Can Be More Effective Than A Website.
  • Your Customers Want To Connect With You Through Facebook.
  • Google Loves Facebook.
  • It’s Word of Mouth and Viral Marketing At It’s Best.
  • Facebook Places Can Offer Check-ins and Deals for Your Establishment.
  • You Can Survey Your Customers and Create More Loyalty.
  • You Can Promote Your Events and Invite Your Fans.

If you want more details on how your business can benefit from Facebook – or if you need help converting your profile to a business page, contact us to arrange for a free consultation today.

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