Last week I was reading an outstanding article on SocialMediaToday, written by Joshua Leatherman. The article, 8 Essential Rules for Social Media and Business, is one of the best articles I’ve ever read on the topic of business use of social media.

In my opinion, the key point in the article is that failure in effectively using social media for business boils down to business owners not taking the time to fully understand how and why people engage on sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

But Joshua’s thoughts on one of the essential rules that resonated with me loudest is this: “Traditional marketing has no place in social media.  Overtly trying to sell a product or service will quickly damage a social media reputation (reputation is quickly damaged and long to repair).”

This is the number one issue that we deal with almost daily. Clients who want the benefits of social media but fail to take the time to fully understand its importance and impact. This usually results in an unsuccessful approach and frustration.

If you own a business and are considering a social media campaign, do yourself a favor. Find someone that knows how to do it. You know your business like I know mine. Don’t try to do something that you don’t get. It rarely works – even if you have a professional marketing team – chances are good that they don’t fully understand social media and will attempt to use traditional marketing techniques to the detriment of your business as a whole.

In today’s tough economic times, that could be catastrophic for your business!

Take a look at the article and then do your homework before hiring a social media pro that can help you grow your business in spite of the economy.

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