Keeping fresh content on your website is essential to its long-term success. Adding content and changing existing content on your site can be completed with just a few clicks of your mouse, and you don’t need to know any special computer languages! Content management systems are perfect for active businesses and working professionals in need of a fluid website solution.

We provide a custom tailored back-end solution for websites that are accessible from any web browser and internet connected device.

The benefits of a content management system include:

  • Decrease Costs: Decrease costs through eliminating the need to hire a specialist for routine updates to your site. Integrity Tech empowers you to manage your content 24-7-365.
  • Instant Results: Changes made through the content management system are made instantly. Add new content – articles, blog posts, and pictures. Create subscription-based content. Control each page of your site. When you are satisfied with the updated content, simply click update and instant results.
  • Job Sharing: Capitalize on productivity by dividing responsibilities among staff according to their field of expertise. Easily set rules and access constraints for your content management system. Before the changes are implemented to a live web site, you or the editor can audit all the new content produced by your staff.

For more information on our content management solutions, please contact us at 941-584-7417.

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