Keith Howard at Beacon Light Men’s Ministries came to us with an under performing website. Created with Microsoft’s free Live Office platform, even the most experienced web design professional would find it difficult to use and even harder to optimize.We took Keith’s existing website content and re-worked it into a WordPress powered website. All of the text content was evaluated for search engine friendliness and re-written as required. The site was given a fresh new look and all of the tools necessary for long term internet success were installed into the system.

Beacon Light Men’s Ministries now has the dynamic, professional looking web presence that it needs to spread it’s message of helping men become better husbands, father’s, sons and brothers. We are excited to be a part of helping spread that message. Check out the new website… beaconlightmen.com

Here is a photo of the Beacon Light Men’s Ministry website before we transformed it to what it is today:

Beacon Light Men's Ministry Before Makeover

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